Crain & Associates has prepared transportation impact studies to assess the potential traffic impacts of the Century Plaza mixed-use development, a residential, hotel, and commercial retail/restaurant mixed-use project. The project site, approximately 5.75 acres, is located at 2025 Avenue of the Stars in the heart of Century City. The transportation impact analyses assessed 76 study intersections, 10 street segments, and 3 freeway segments in multiple jurisdictions, as well as evaluated the traffic generated by 155 related development projects across an expansive portion of the Westside. We developed traffic mitigation plans for significantly impacted intersections and assisted with site access/egress and circulation. Comprehensive, phased construction traffic analyses for project options and alternatives were performed, along with detailed transit impact analyses involving several transit operators. We assisted the environmental consultant in the preparation of the Transportation/Traffic and Alternatives sections of the EIR. We also conducted and received approval of multiple shared parking analyses for the project. In addition, we provided information, exhibits, and supplemental analyses as part of the community outreach effort conducted by the project team. We continue to conduct supplemental technical analyses for the project as refinements are made to the project description and are preparing required traffic signal and street lighting improvement plans.